Genesis is an experimental full CG cinematic, about our path in life. How we transform through difficulties and emerge into a resilient stage that thrives in nature.

I did all aspects.

I would like to thank you my wife Yeri, Tyson Ibele, Alec Considine-Mueller, Ian Vicknair and Make for helping and supporting this project.

J'aimerais remercier mon épouse, Tyson Ibele, Alec Considine-Mueller, Ian Vicknair et Make pour leur aide.

Directed, produced and realized by Romain Faure.

Dirigé, produit et réalisé par Romain Faure.

SoundFX - Alec Considine-Mueller /
Music - Hanan Townshend - CocaCola Gold /

Awards :

Awarded Best Independent Short Film at MET / Minnesota Electronic Theather 2018

Reçu Meilleur Prix Catégorie "Indépendant" pour le MET / Minnesota Electronic Theather 2018

© 2018 Romain Faure